Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sister talk

Dear older Sister,

There is this stupid guy, this guy I wanted to know more since day one. Since the first day I knew him! And we talked for a little. We laughed at some boring jokes or maybe we did not. But anyhow, we exchanged numbers! And I got obsessed with his existence until it faded away the same way as an obsession should fade. And I did live my life rigorously after that, because he forgot I existed as well.

After a long time, this stupid guy, writes me back and we decided to 'just go out', that simple! God, that stupid guy! With his stupid talks, stupid moves, stupid smile and all... I still want to know him, even though it is not at all something serious. Even though he seems kindda bastard in everything he does, I still want to know him better.

Dear sister, I know this might be for you incomprehensible and not at all satisfying for all the doubts and questions flowing into your brain right now... But, I want to tell you that I know this guy and yet, I do not know him at all.

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